Divine Lifting (Part 12) – Pastor Ayo Ayoola, 11th August, 2020

Theme: Night of Intercessory

Ministering: Pastor Ayo Ayoola

Topic: Divine Lifting…Part 12

Bible Text: Text: John 11:1-45

A Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

  1. Father, you’re the God that is never tired of doing wonders, please remember me specially tonight.
  2. Father, by this time tomorrow, let me see your mighty power in action.
  3. Father, make tonight my set time of breakthrough.
  4. The Lord will raise Lifters and Enablers for you and family.

Message and Ministration

Tonight we shall continuing on…

Divine Lifting…Part 12

John 11:1-45

The worst thing that can happen when one is being cast down is to be put to Death.

Father, every demons, agent of death, that is in assignment against my family, please destroy them.

God has the capability to lift you up even from the point of death.

1 Corinthians 15:55

Father, in this point or place I am in right now, lift me out by fire.

Agents of Devil, Death, Destructions works are used to cast down….

Some Other agents we shall be considering as seen in this story are…

  1. Agent of Stinkingness.
    John 11:39-40

Father, I believe in you, every Stinkingness in my life, please intervene.

Stinkingness brings about shame.

Stinkingness brings bad smell… Isaiah 3:24

Jesus said, if thou believe..you will see the glory of God.

We have the physical and spiritual stinkingness.

Glory, Grace and Anointing all has sweet aroma.

When life is not well preserved, it stinks.

Psalms 16:1
Psalms 32:7
Psalms 41:1-4

Father, unto you I put my trust, preserve me oh Lord from the evil agent.

Psalms 121:7-8

Father, preserve my going out and coming in from all evil.

  1. Agent of Suffering.
    John 11:41-43

Suffering is associated with serious pains. Both physical and emotional pains.

Jesus said…Lazarus come forth..

Thanksgiving and Praisegiving initiated That Command…

Psalms 30:5

The Lord is calling you out of that Suffering and Pains..

Father, tonight visit the foundation of Suffering in my life.

Psalms 25:18, Acts 2:24

Father, I thank and give you praise, for me(Input your name) I am coming out of this suffering.

  1. Agent of Shameful Grave Cloth.
    John 11:44

This connects with Grave and Coffin…

Jesus said…loose him and let him go.

Father, every Grave Cloths or Garment prepared for me, is consumed by Fire in Jesus Mighty Name.

Father, every connection to the grave for me and my family, we break that connection now.
Psalms 30:3

Father, every grave cloth that they have used to tie me, I am free from it.

Ezekiel 37:12


There is a Lifting for me.

There is no death for me.

No more suffering for me.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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