GOWES: RESTORATION OF VICTORY Part 3 – Pastor Ayo Ayoola, 15th July 2020

Text: 1 John 5:4-5

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Thank you Lord for what you did yesterday night and what you are going to do in this morning Encounter Service.

Father you are the God of Wonders and you are not tired of doing Wonders.

Please perform New Wonders in my Life.

  1. Father! I commit my Business and Career into Your Hands, please Perform Your Wonders.
  2. Father! In my Business and Workplace, these battles that have gathered against me, Arise and Fight for Me.
  3. Father! Deliver my Breakthrough in this Business and Office.

Message and Ministration

Today we shall be talking about Restoration of Victory Part 3

1 John 5:4-5

There is no Victory without Battles.

There is no Battle without a Fight,

There is no Fight without a Weapon…

Weapon, Fight, Battle, Victory…

Weapon is very Important in every Fight.

There are Weapons and there are Weapons.

A Perfect Weapon will give you a Perfect Victory.

There are some Weapons that are not Visible and there are some that are visible…

Visible Weapons are Carnal and they can perish.

Canal Weapons are Perishable but the Weapon of the Most High God are not Perishable.
2 Samuel 1:27
Isaiah 54:17

Father! Every evil Weapon used against my Life and Career, destroy them.

Three(3) Powerful Weapons to be used as Christians…

They are all connected to JESUS…Our VICTORY.

1 Corinthians 15:57

  1. The Name Jesus.
    Philippians 2:9-10
    1 Samuel 17:45

You don’t use the name of Jesus as Exclamation, or just Shouting it in time of fear…

  1. The Word.
    Hebrew 4:12

The Word of God can Penetrate into the Camp of the enemy.

  1. The Blood of Jesus.
    Revelations 12:11

Weapons are used to Fight.
Psalms 144:1

Father Your name is Highly Exalted, my Business will Prosper, my Victory is Restored.

I command my Profit to Locate me from the East, West, North and South.

I receive Strength to do All things.

Everywhere your Benefit is Hanging, be released.


My Victory is Restored in my Business and Career.

My Victory is Restored.

No more Ridicule for me.



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