Fulfillment of Prayer and Petition – Day 13 of 14 Days Fasting and Prayer – Pastor Ayo Ayoola

07 July, 2020


Text: Matthew 7:7-8

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Thank you Jesus for what you have done and what you are about to do.

  1. Father! By this time tomorrow, let me be celebrating my Victory.

The Lord that answereth by fire is our God.

  1. Father! All my Prayers and Petitions answer by fire.

The Lord will Arise for my sake tonight and He will answer me by fire.

When we say the Lord that Answereth by Fire, we mean the Lord that answereth Instantly.

  1. Father! All my request tonight, answer Instantly by fire.

My God will answer me by fire tonight.

The Lord will Silence my Mockers.

  1. Father! You’re the God that answereth by fire, tonight silence all my Mockers tonight.

Those things that are bad requires Prayers.

Anything that is Bad in your life, the Lord will turn them for Good.

The ones that are also Good also requires Prayers so that it won’t go Bad.

When we say God should answer by fire, we mean God should do something Now.

  1. Father! My case is an Emergency, by your Mercy father do something Now.

By this time tomorrow, you will begin to Celebrate your Great Turnaround.

God that answereth by fire, you will do it again tonight and Mock my Mockers.

By this time tomorrow, let your Children testify of your Glory.

That God that doeth it Instantly, will do something Pleasant in your Life.

There shall be Fulfillment of Powers, Prayers In Jesus Name.

By the time we’re rounding up year 2020, you will have Many reasons to give Praise to God.

Year 2020 shall be your Best year yet.

God that answereth by fire will attend to my Case tonight.

Message and Ministration

Tonight we shall be considering…

Fulfillment of Prayers and Petitions

Matthew 7:7-8

Prayer is a means of Communication between Man and God.

Prayer is a Conversation, it is a Communication and Dialogue .

Prayer is a Dialogue not a Monologue .

Prayer is one of the many ways by which we Fellowship with God.

In the place of Fellowship, there is always a Sacrifice and also a place of Blessing from God.

God appreciate the Fellowship of Men.

Prayer is very Important in the Journey of a Christian.

A Prayerless being is a Powerless being.
James 4:8

I refuse to be Prayerless.

I refuse to be Powerless.

In this 14 nights of Prayers, there shall be a Positive answers to your Prayers.

Show me a Man that knows how to Pray and I will show you a God that knows how to answers prayer.

Forms of Prayers

  1. Reverence and Adoration.
  2. Repentance and Reconciliation.
  3. Request and Supplication.
  4. Regards and Appreciation.

Pray about All things.
Philippians 4:6-7

How do we Pray?

  1. Pray in Faith.
    James 5:13-15
  2. Pray Fervently.
    James 5:16

Great things happen in the place of Prayer.

In every of your Petition from day one, God will answer them.

  1. Pray Steadfastly.
    Act 2:42
  2. Pray Religiously.

That is, Pray with Instructions according to His will.
1 John 5:14-15

  1. Pray Always.
    1 Thessalonians 5:17
    John 16:23-24

My Joy shall be Full.

I have Jesus.

I have Everything.

Hinderance tot Prayer

  1. Praying in Sin.
    Isaiah 59:1-2
  2. Praying in Lust.
    James 4:3
  3. Praying in Doubt.
    James 1:6-8

In place of Prayers, you should be;

You should be Attentive

You should be Sensitive and be Instructive

Father I thank you, you’re the God that answers Prayers.
Psalms 143:1

Father! You are a Faithful God, in your Righteousness, answer Me tonight.

Father! In your Faithfulness answer Me Lord.

In His Faithfulness, He will answer you tonight.
Romans 8:26-28

We will be Praying in Tongues right now.

That is, Praying in the Spirit.

And if you have not been Baptized in the Spirit, what you should be saying is Thank you Jesus.

Declaration by Pastor

Father you are the Lord that answereth by fire, unto ye we came. All our Request particularly in this 14 nights of Prayer and Fasting, you will answer by Fire in the Name of Jesus.

My father my God, for your name to be Glorified in All of these Petitions we’ve brought before you, let our Prayers be answered in Jesus Mighty Name.


My case is Answered.

My Prayers are Answered.



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