Text: John 14:1-3

Intense Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Lord I thank you that I am a partaker of this Great Season.

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Father!

Father in the remaining days of year 2020, don’t let your Songs of Praise cease in my mouth.

There are some Miracles that you can’t keep, that is a Shout of Praise.

  1. Father! In the remaining days of year 2020, don’t let the Shout of Praise cease in my life and all that concerns me.

The Song of Praise will not cease in your mouth.

Shout of Praise will not cease in your mouth.

You will experience Complete Restoration.

  1. Father! Whatever that the Lord has restored, you will not loose them again.

The last Hours and Minutes of these 14days Vigil shall be better for you.

The last Months and Days of year 2020, shall be better for you.

  1. Father! Whatever good thing that you have lost, not just this year but even yesteryears, you will not loose them again.

I will receive my Testimony tonight.

My Testimony shall be Permanent.

Message and Ministration

Tonight the Lord says it’s the Night of Ultimate Fulfillment

John 14:1-3

Ultimate Fulfillment has to do with the Final, Best and Greatest Fulfillment in life.

It has to do with the Fulfillment of Praise-Giving here on Earth and in Heaven.

Praising Him day and night is the First Intention of God in Creation of Man.

You are not fulfilling your life purpose if you are not Connected to Heaven.
Psalms 100:1-5
Psalms 135:1-3

Praise-Giving is an Access to Ultimate Fulfillment.

I will Praise you Forever.

I will Praise you from Everlasting to Everlasting.
Psalms 92:1-2
Psalms 146:1-2

As long as I am alive, I will Praise You.

While I live, I will Praise the Lord.
Psalms 147:1-2
Revelations 4:11

I am Created to give you Praise Lord.

I am Created to give you Honour.

What will your Praise do to God?

  1. Your Praise is Pleasant to God.

My Praise is Pleasant to you Lord.

  1. Your Praise is Pleasurable to God.
  2. Your Praise is Particular to God.

God is interested in my praise, I will give Him more and more.
1Peter 2:9

Father I will show forth your Praise.

What a Praise Giving Life is All about…

  1. A Praise Giving life is Concerned about the kingdom of God.
  2. A Praise Giving life is Connected to the Kingdom of God (Heaven).
  3. A Praise Giving life is Commission for the Kingdom of God.
  4. A Praise Giving life Congregate in Heaven.
    Matthew 16:19

I receive the keys of the Kingdom.

Prayer of Confession

My father my God, I thank you for what you have been doing from the First day of these Program, your Children have Confess their Sins unto you. Please show them Mercy and give them the Keys of the Kingdom.

Father, let me enjoy this year 2020 with a Praise Giving life.

Father! All that you have Completely Restored for me, please don’t let me loose them again.

Father! Let me be Connected to your Kingdom in Jesus Name.

I have received my Testimony.

Father! Thank you for these Testimonies, please don’t let it be Polluted.

Prayer of Agreement

Your Testimonies will not be Polluted.

Before the end of tonight, Signs and Wonders will not cease in your Family.

I declare that God will Perfect my Testimonies.

Get your Anointing Oil ready was we have been told yesterday.

What this Anointing Oil will do.?

  1. The Anointing will Sanctify your Temple.
    1Corinthians 6:19-20

By this Anointing, all that has to do with you will be Sanctified.
Leviticus 8:10
John 17:17-19
1 Thess 5:23

Anoint Yourself and Family Members.

By this Anointing, I am Sanctified.

I am Separated from the devil.

By the reason of this Anointing, I am Untouchable for the devil.

You are Sanctified.

You are Untouchable for the devil.

You are Untouchable for Depression.

  1. The Anointing will Seal your Testimony.
    Luke 21:13

And it shall unto me and my family for a Testimony.

Psalms 119:111

My Testimony I will enjoy.

Psalms 119:129

I am Forever an Overcomer. Rev 12:11

Psalms 19:7

Father by this Anointing, my Testimony is Sealed forever.

Receive your Testimony in the Name of Jesus.

It shall turn unto you and all yours for a Testimony and it shall be Sealed.

Your life Project shall be Fulfilled.

  1. The Anointing will Secure your tomorrow.

My tomorrow is secured.

My year 2020 is secured.
Proverbs 27:1
Deuteronomy 11:12
Psalms 65:11

By this Anointing, my tomorrow is Secured.

My year 2020 is Secured from Troubles, Worries, Predicament In Jesus Name.

Father! Thank you for this Anointing that has secure my year 2020.

Declaration by Pastor

I will be Great.

My Family will be Great.

My Career and Business will be Great.

For all your Children that has Obeyed this meeting, thank you for the Testimony of the first day.

Thank you for Restoration of life.

You will not loose your life.

Every demons that want to take your life will be destroyed, no more death for you.

The Restorer of Light has restored our light, no more Darkness for you.

The Light of God will continue to Shine for you.

The identity that you are in the Lord, you will not loose them again.

You will enjoy the Milk and Honey of the Land.

No more Affliction for you.

Should you have lost your Health, the Lord will restore.

That Wealth, from tonight you will not lack again

Receive all round Restoration.

The Prophecy of our year 2020 shall be fulfilled.

The Purpose of our 2020 shall be fulfilled.

Every Promises of God that you have Claimed shall be fulfilled.

Everywhere you go, you shall be carrier of His Power.

Every Project and Intending Achievement, shall be Fulfilled.

Fulfill our petition in the Name of Jesus.

Songs of Praise will not cease in your house, home and mouth.

Your Praise Giving life will Conmect to the Kingdom of God.

By this Anointing, your Temple and Dwelling place is sealed and your tomorrow is sealed.


Welcome to your Season of Great Turnaround.

All your Transactions in this year 2020, shall be Successful.

Father Heal our Land.

Please put an end to this Pandemic.

Touch our Leaders and Help them.

The Gate of Hell will not Prevail over your Church.

Your Testimonies are Permanent In Jesus Mighty Name.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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