Text: Psalms 127:1

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

  1. Father! Let year 2020 be my year of Fulfillment of Projects.
  2. Father! I commit year 2020 into Your Hands, this year will not just pass through me.

Whether the devil likes it or not, by Your Power, don’t let me just pass through this year.

  1. Father! You’re a Great Helper, help me Lord and let there be Complete Restoration.

From today, in every of our Transactions, let us begin to Win.

The Glory of God shall Manifest in your Family In Jesus Name.

All your Expectations shall be fulfilled.

It is my year of Restoration and Fulfillment.

Message and Ministration

Tonight we shall be considering…

Fulfillment of Projects.

Psalms 127:1

By His Mercy, every Project of your Life shall be fulfilled.

There shall be Fulfillment of Projects for us.

Project can be referred to has Life Achievement that is Triggered by Intention and Expectations.

Psalms 62:5
Proverbs 24:2
Romans 8:9

From these moment, God will take Charge and there shall be Steady Fulfillment. Philippians 1:20

It is your Intention and Expectations that triggers your Hope.

Every of your Hopes, the Lord will not put you to Shame.

Your Project is Determined by your Purpose.

Life itself is a Project. Its a Project that should be Built.

The Lord will build up your Life Project. Jer 24:6-7.

Every Forces trying to Pulldown your life Project, the Lord will destroy.

Some Classes of Life Projects

  1. Service and Ministerial Project

Father! You are the Great Builder, I commit my Service and Ministry to your hand, Plant it and Build it for me.

  1. Academic and Career Project

Every form of Learning from home is under Academy and Career Project.

Learning of Trade or Business is under this Project.

Father! You are a Great Builder, I commit my Academy and Career in Your Hands, build it up for me.

By the Mercy of God, in your Academy and Career Project, you will not Labour in Vain.

  1. Marriage and Family Project

Your children will not bring Destruction to your family.

Father! I commit my Marriage and Family Project in Your Hands, build my Home for me.

Every Delay in Family Project, God will Plant your Own for you in Jesus Name.

  1. Investment and Property Project

Father! I commit my Investment and Property Project in Your Hands, the ones I have you will Build for me and the ones I don’t have yet, you will Plant for me.

In the Name of Jesus, in your Land Property, your Dead Body will not be carried there.

Father! Visit the Foundation of All My Life Projects.

Every Foundation of your Life Project that has been Contaminated, God will visit it.

I will not Labour in Vein.

Obstacles of Life Project

2Timothy 1:7
Deuteronomy 1:21

What does FEAR means?

  1. Forget Everything And Runaway

Father! You spirit of Fear that make me to Forget and Runaway from my life Project, I stand against you.

  1. False Evidence Appearing Real

You this Fear presenting False Evidence in my Life Project, I rebuke you.

  1. Failure Expected And Received

You this Fear threatening me with Failure, I rebuke you.

I reject Failure.

I will Succeed.

  1. Future Event Already Ruined

Father! that Fear, I reject you, you will not Ruin my Future.

  1. Finding Excuses And Reasons

Father! You this Fear that is giving excuses, I rebuke you tonight.

I Overcome my Fears.

There shall be Fulfillment of My Life Project.

You Fear, I reject Failure.
Isaiah 41:10

Every Bondage and Captivity of Fear, I rebuke you tonight.
Romans 8:15

I will do Exploit for God.

The Builder is behind me. Philippians 4:13, Psalms 28:5

Father! In this same year 2020, all the Project of My Life, let them be Fulfilled.

As many of your Children that are Surrendering their Life Project in Your Hands, let there be Fulfillment.

Declaration by Pastor

Every Stagnancy, Delay in your Project, receive Strength to Overcome it.

All the Project of your Life, the Lord shall Build it for you.

In the remaining years of our Life and from now to Dec 2020, you shall do Exploit.

From tonight you Overcome Fear Totally.


No more Abandon Project.

No more Labour in Vain.

The Lord is My Builder.

I can do All things through Christ that Strengthens Me.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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