Text: Jeremiah 32:17&27

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Father we thank you for the gift of life.

  1. Father! Tonight in a very Special way, manifest your Power in my Life.

The Lord will manifest His Power in a very Special way.

In every life represented tonight, the power of God will manifest.

Tonight God will fulfill His power.

Every fake power that is manipulating lives like Pharaoh, Goliath, Red Sea, let the Power of God Crush them.

The Power of God will be fulfilled in my year 2020.

My Testimony will be the Loudest.

My Testimony will shake the Whole World.

Message and Ministrations

Fulfillment of Power

Jeremiah 32-17&27

The Power will work for Me and My Family tonight.

Power is the Ability and Capability to do something Extraordinary.

Power is the Ability to get something done Easily.

We have Natural and Supernatural Ability. And so we have Natural and Supernatural Power also…

Natural Power are like Inbuilt Human Power originated from Earth.

Supernatural Power are Divine Godly Power originated from Heaven.

God is in Control of all Powers whether Natural or Supernatural. Psalms 62:11

The Lord will Fulfill His Power in your Life again. Psalms 115:3

The Power of God will Restore you.

Psalms 135:5-6

We are talking about Supernatural Power here..

Supernatural means;

Above and Beyond The Natural.

Above and Beyond The Normal.

Above and Beyond The Human.

Law of Nature, Law of Procedure, Law of Logic…

Father! Every kind of law, nature, science, logic, working against my life, let your power crush them.

The Supernatural Power of God shall be Fulfilled in your Life.

Our God owns all Powers..
Matthew 28:18

The devil has no Power over Me and My Family.

What the devil uses is Forces and Manipulations.

My situation is not too hard for My God.

What the Power of God can do…

  1. The Power of God can do the Impossible. Luke 1:37

Father! Whatever that looks impossible,I surrender to you.

  1. The Power of God can do the Irreversible. Ezekiel 37:5

Father! Every Irreversible case in My Life, Career, Works, let your power intervene.

  1. The Power of God can do the Unthinkable. 1 Corinthians 2:9

Between now and tomorrow, you can’t imagine what God is going to do in your Life.

Father! All Power belong to you, that Power that can do All things, let it do the unimaginable.

Before you wake up, the Power of God will do the Unimaginable.

The Power can also act in Different and Dynamic Ways…

  1. The Power can Add (Create).

The Power can Create job and other new things for you.

  1. The Power can Subtract (Remove).

Father! Whatever it is that is not giving Glory to your name in My Life, let the Power remove it.

  1. The Power can Divide (Break).

When you are Dividing something, that is you are Breaking it Down.

Every Barrier in your life, the Power can Break down.

  1. The Power of God can Multiply. (Increase).

The Power of God is working for Me tonight.

The Power of God can never be resisted.

What Happens when the Power is Being Fulfilled In your life?

  1. You will see the Power.
  2. You will Feel the Power .
  3. You will Touch the Power.

The Power of God is Chasing every evil hands from your and destiny now.

  1. You will Use the Power.
  2. You will be Carrier of the Power.

Fulfillment of the Power of God will bring about Heavily and Heavenly Release of…

  1. Salvation against All Damnations.
  2. Miracles Against All Ridicules
  3. Breakthrough Against All Breakdown.

4 Favour Against All Labour.

  1. Anointing Against Annoying Struggle.

Father as you release your Power from Heaven to Fulfillment for me, save me from Damnation.

Every plans of Demons, the Lord will save you from it.

Father as you release your Power from Heaven to fulfillment for me, perform that Miracle in My life.

Tonight is my Night of Miracles.

God is releasing Breakthrough in your Life.

Father! By the release of your Power, I receive that Ultimate Breakthrough right now.

That Breakthrough that you will never forget in your life, receive that Breakthrough.

It is My Own time.

It is My Turn to Breakthrough.

I will not Breakdown again.

Father! By your Power that is been released right now, put your Mark of Favour upon My Life.

Father! By your Power that is been released right now, released upon me, your Anointing that Breaks Yoke. Luke 10:19

I have received the Power.

The Power is Working For Me.

The Power is Working With Me.

The Power is Working Through Me.

The remaining days of year 2020, I shall Trend upon All Serpent, All Devourer, All Sicknesses.

Declaration by Pastor

That Supernatural that is Above all Laws of Nature, Procedure, Science, Logic, shall be fulfilled in the Name of Jesus.

Every Principalities in your Place of Work and Business, give way in the Name of Jesus.

The New Organs that need to be Created in your life and family, the Power of God will Create it.

Whatever it is that the Enemy has Sown in your Life, the Power of God will remove.

That Power that can Divide, will make way for you in Jesus Name.

That Power that can Multiply will multiply for you in Jesus Name.

The Power of God will release Salvation against All Damnation In Jesus Name.

That Power that is fulfilling, will release Miracles in your Life and Family.


Your are Untouchable.

I am Anointed for Favour.

I am Untouchable.

The Power of God is doing Wonders.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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