Text: Ephesians 1:9-12

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Lord I depend on you, we are here again for what you are doing in this 14 days fasting and prayer.

  1. Father! Please open my eyes of understanding afresh tonight.
  2. Father! Before this year is over, let me have a Special Encounter with you.
  3. Father! In tonight’s meeting, give me New Discovery about my life purpose.

Declaration by Pastor

Before this night is over, you will have a New Encounter with my God.

In this meeting you will Discover Purpose and there will be Fulfillment for you.

My eyes of Understanding shall be Open tonight.

By the time you are waking up, you will Discover New Things.

Before the End of this 14 Nights, you will Testify.

The purpose at which God has Formed You shall be fulfilled tonight.

Message and Ministration
Fulfillment of Purpose

Ephesians 1:9-12

God does not do Anything Without A Purpose.

Sometimes we are not Patient Enough before we assume or jump into conclusions.

Purpose is the Reason behind something.

Declaration by Pastor

I am not Created by Mistake.

I am Important to God.

When purpose is not known, Abuse is Inevitable.

Abuse means Abnormal use.

I refuse to be abuse.

My life is for a purpose.

I refuse to be abuse by the the devil.

God Created me for a purpose.

I will live a Purposeful life.

Father! Whatever the devil is using to abuse my life, I Rebuke you.

Stop experimenting with your Life, Gid has created you for a Purpose. Jeremiah 1:5

The Lord will Reorder my Steps.

Don’t Live your Life by Chance but Live your Life by Choice.

Fulfillment of Life is about fulfilling Destiny.

My Life Destiny will not be Truncated.

By your Mercy, your eyes of Understanding shall be open to life.

God is the Major Determinant of your Destiny.

  1. Your Destiny is Plan by God
  2. Your Destiny is Plant by God
  3. Your Destiny is Plumb by God
  4. Your Destiny is Plane by God
  5. Your Destiny is Plain to God

To live a Purposeful Life you must surrender to God…

Lord I Surrender to your Will, let your Will be done.

You must live according to His WILL. Matthew 6:10

You must live according to His WAYS. John 14:6

You must live according to His WORKS. Acts 15:18

You must live according to His WONDERS. Exodus 15:11

In Fulfillment of your Purpose in Life you need to understand the Principles of Life Journey…

Principles of Life Journey

  1. Decision: The moment you understand your purpose, make up your mind.

You will not Struggle with your purpose.

  1. Destination: The vision shows the picture of your future.
  2. Direction : How do I get there so that I don’t make mistakes.

The Lord will give you Direction. Proverbs 3:5-6

Lord I Need your Direction. Proverbs 16:9

  1. Distance : It is all about Timing.

Tonight God is taking you to your place of Fulfillment.

When Purpose is Fulfilled, your life will be Meaningful.

Father make my Life Meaningful.

Your Life will be Peaceful

From today, your Life will be Peaceful.

Your Life will be Beautiful

Your Life will be Wonderful

Father I thank you for you have Created me for a Special Purpose.

Father! Every mistake I have made that is making me live Contrary to your Purpose, have Mercy on me.

Father! Every years I have wasted, deliver me from it.

The Lord will Deliver you from every Wasted Years.

Father! Please open my eyes of Understanding, reveal my purpose to me tonight.

Father! In this meeting tonight, please reveal your purpose for me Lord.

Father! Every External and Internal Forces abusing my life, I rebuke you right now.

Father! Make my Life useful for your Glory.

Your Life will be useful for God.

Every situation abusing your Life, you will overcome them.

I refuse to be abuse.

My Life will be useful for God.

Father! Every spirit of Error consume by fire in my life, ministry, marriage etc.

Father! That vision of my Destiny in life, make it clearer for me Lord.

Father! I need your Direction to fulfill my purpose.

Where your Potentials can get you, your Credentials can not take you there.

Father! I need your Direction to fulfill my Purpose in Life.

Father! As I begin to live a fulfilled life, make my life Beautiful.

Father tonight we shall discover our purpose in life.

We will live according to your Will, Ways, Works and Wonders.

From today Lord, you will guide our decisions.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, you will make right decisions.

By the time you are waking up tomorrow, the Lord is adding beauty.

In this 14 Nights, let people see that we have had encounter with you .

We shall be Carriers of your Glory.

No more abuse in that Family and Marriage.


Your purpose in this Second Half of the year shall be fulfilled.

You will not be deceived.

You will not be distracted In Jesus Mighty Name.

My purpose shall be fulfilled.

I refuse to be abused.

My eyes of understanding is open In Jesus Mighty Name.



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