Text: Jeremiah 29:11-14

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Lord you are amazing to me.

Lord you are amazing to my family.

Father we give you praise.

  1. Father! In this day number 8 of this program, let me experience a New Beginning.
  2. Father! Make this Second Half of the year better than the First Half.
  3. Deut 11:12, 1 Peter 5:7
    Father! In the remaining days of 2020, let your eyes be upon my household.
  4. Father let your eyes be upon us in the remaining days of the year.

My God is an amazing God.

His eyes is upon me and my family.

Message and Ministration

Today we shall be talking about Fulfillment of Prophecy

Somebody will receive an expected glory in year 2020.

Fulfillment of Prophecy:

Jeremiah 29:11-14

What is Prophecy?

These are God’s Plans and Intentions about the next minutes, next hours, next days….

Prophecy of God has the Capacity to begin to fulfill in the next minute.

God plan over your life shall be reveal unto you until you fulfill it.

Our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our God is the first and the last. Hebrew 13:8, Isaiah 44:6

He knows the end from the Beginning.

The second half of the year shall be better for you and your family.
Isaiah 46:10

My tomorrow is alright.

My tomorrow is in His Hands

I am not created for distraction.

The Lord is interested in my tomorrow.

The plan of God for my family and me shall be fulfilled.

Job 8:7 Your later end of year 2020 shall be Greatly Increased.

Job 42:12 Father! Let my Later End of year 2020 that is beginning now be better.

By your Mercy, you shall begin to manifest and receive full Restoration.

His Prophesies will surely come to pass..

Lamentations 3:27, Ezekiel 12:25

All the Prophecy of God shall be fulfilled. Ezekiel 24:14

Every Prophecy of the most high God concerning you and your family this year shall come to pass.

2Kings 7:1-8

Any man doubting the Prophecy of God in our life shall be disgraced.

By this time tomorrow, those sufferings that you are seeing, you shall see them no more.

In the Camp of your enemy, they shall see the Thunder of God.

Declaration by Pastor

All what God has said concerning my year 2020, shall come to pass.

By this time tomorrow, you will see the greatness of our God.

The Lord can Prophecy through…

  1. Graced Pastors
  2. Graced Prophets
  3. Graced Ministers

What is your Reaction to to Fulfillment of Prophecy

  1. Have and Hold unto the Prophecy with Faultless Faith. Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21
  2. Have and Hold unto the Prophecies with Fervent Prayers James 5:16

The Lord will meet you in the place of prayer.

In this 14 days Fasting and Prayer, the Lord will hear your prayers.

  1. Have and Hold unto the Prophecies with Faithful Service
    1Corinthians 4:2

There are False Prophet that produces False Prophecy.

Beware of False Prophets…

  1. Their Prophecy never Glorify God.
  2. Their Prophecy always contradicts the word of God.
  3. Their Lifestyle is questionable.

Jeremiah 14:14, Matthew 24:11

Every False Prophet and False Prophecy, the Lord will deliver you from them.

Prayers on 2020 Prophecies

Series of Battles but you will Win
Father! Every battle that is ahead of me in year 2020, make me a winner.

Father! In this year 2020, fight all my battles for me.

Every battles confronting you in year 2020, you are a Winner because God will fight for you.

Victory After Victory

Father! As you have said it i shall be Victorious.

Every battle the Lord has fought for you, you shall be Victorious.

My Victory will not meet me at the grave.

Joy After Joy

Father! As you have Prophesy in my life, no more sorrow for me.

Father! All your Prophecy for my Destiny, let them be Fulfilled Speedily.

Prayer of Agreement

In this year 2020, all that you have declared, let them be fulfilled.

In all battles that confront us, we shall be Victorious.

All our Prayers, please answer Speedily In Jesus Mighty Name.


It is my season of Victory.

Joy after Joy.

Victory after Victory.

Success after Success.



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