Text: Joel 2:25-28

Call to Worship!!!

Thank you Jesus for the First Half of year 2020.

Father I give you praise over my family, for what you have done for us during the First Half of the year.

Thank you for Restoration.

Lord I thank you, that you’re alive to see the Second Half of the year.

Lord I thank you that you have brought me to the Second Half of the year.

Opening Prayer Points

Father I commit the Second Half of the year into your Hands, Lord you will perfect all that concerns me.

Father! Let the Second Half of year 2020be far Better and Greater than the First Half.

In this Second Half of year 2020, I am bouncing back.

In this Second Half of year 2020, i need your help.

In this Second Half of year 2020, God will help me.

He will help my Career.

He will help my Home.

He will help our Nation.

Father! In all my transactions in this Second Half of year 2020, make me a winner.

In all my transactions in this Second Half of year 2020, because God is helping me I will be a winner.

I am a Winner.

In this Second Half of year 2020, I will not fall. Genesis 26:12

In this same year 2020, all my efforts let me Prosper Excellently.

The pain you suffer in the First Half of the year, you will not know them again.

Father! For all I’ve lost in the First Half of the year, I receive Complete Restoration.

For me and my family in this Second Half of the year, we will not know evil.

Father! As I am going to the Second Half of the year, Lord you will keep me and my family from evil.

Declarations by Pastor

Every of my transactions in this Second Half of the year will prosper.

Every affliction I encountered in the First Half on the year, I will not see them again.

In this Second Half of the year, God will fulfill all that concerns me.

This is my month of Perfect Fulfillment.

The Lord is backing me and my family up.

Ministration and Message – Complete Restoration:

Joel 2:25-27

It means All Round Restoration,
Total Restoration.

Restoration in every Aspect of Life…

One thing is to know what you have lost and cry to God for restoration of it and another thing is not to know what you’ve lost.

Tonight! You shall receive Total Restoration in the Name of Jesus.

I will receive my Complete Restoration.

Some times you don’t know what you have lost and that’s why you need to SURRENDER to God for Complete Restoration. Psalms 121:1

Our God is a Great Restorer and He can restore Completely…

He knows everything,

He knows the secret things…

You Need Complete Restoration because you don’t know..

  1. What You Have Lost.
  2. Where You Have Lost It.
  3. When you have lost
  4. Why you have Lost it
  5. How you have Lost It.

Tonight you will receive Complete Restoration to the Fullness.

He is God of Fullness. John 1:16

Tonight the Lord will help me and my family.

All of these that you don’t know becomes The Battle of The Unknown…

Tonight every battle of the unknown you have been facing, the Lord will help you.

The battle of the unknown is a great secret and Only God can help you. Daniel 2:22

Father! The secret behind the unknown of my family, reveal it and give me Complete Restoration.

Secret things belong to God. Deuteronomy 29:29,

That is why He is God. Deuteronomy 10:17

Father! Every thing that I have lost that I don’t know, let me receive Complete Restoration.

Father! Where I have lost it that I don’t know, reveal it to me.

That great virtue of life that I have lost and don’t know, there shall be restoration.

The Battle of The Unknown is controlled by Secret Enemies….

There are some Open Enemies and there are some Secret Enemies.

Father! Every secret enemy that is fighting my life behind me, expose them tonight.

Secret Enemies lay anbusment…

Ambush is when the enemy attack without being aware.

The Lord will fight for you against every Secret Enemy.

Every visible battle that you are seeing, you will conquer.

Every battle on my way, I will confront and conquer it.

In the midst of these battles, God will give you Complete Restoration.

There is Secret battle that causes Secret loss.

Father! Every secret battle of my life that has caused secret loss, Lord arise and fight for me tonight.

Declaration by Pastor

Whatever you have lost and you don’t know, there shall be Complete Restoration.

Every secret enemy fighting against my life the Lord will fight against them.

The Second Half of the year will be better for me.

The Lord has settled my case.


I have received Complete Restoration.

Glory be to God.

The year 2020 will end in praise for me.



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