Text: 2Peter 1:2-4

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

  1. Father! Your purpose for My Life, please fulfill it.
  2. Father! Wherever My Destiny Helper may be, send them to me.
  3. Father! At these very moment, don’t give My Destiny Helper rest until they attend to my case.
  4. Father! In the Name of Jesus, open My Ears of Understanding and speak Expressly to me.
  5. Every strange voices that has been manipulating My Life , the Lord will silence them forever.

Message and Ministration

Today we shall be considering

Fulfillment of Promise

2 Peter 1:2-4

Father every of your promises upon My Life and Destiny, let them come to speedy fulfillment.

Tonight all the promises of God concerning your life shall come to speedy fulfillment.

It is My Season of Fulfillment.

No more Delay for Me.

Every Great and Precious Promises of God for you shall be fulfilled.

Promises are Unfailing Commitment to ones word about something to be done.

If God is making Promises, He is so Committed to Fulfilling them.

His Promises are already settled.

The Promises of God are already settled in your life.

2Corinthians 1:20,
Deuteronomy 7:9

Lord you are a Faithful God. Deuteronomy 31:6

My God will Never Fail me.
2Peter 3:9

The Word is the Carrier of His Promise.

We have about 8,810 promises in the Bible and about 7,707 is directed to man.

The Word can be in these forms;

  1. The Creative Word of God.

The Word of God will Create New things in your life.

Out of that nothing in your life, the Lord is creating new things.

  1. The Covenant Word. Isaiah 55:11
  2. The Commanding Word.

Some Promises of God are Conditional and some Unconditional

Example of Conditional Promises, Deuteronomy 28:1

The Lord has various promises for different categories of people based on how they relate with Him.

The Categories of People by Relationship

  1. The Creature:
  2. The Called.
  3. The Chosen
  4. The Choiced

Or going downward

  1. The Creature
  2. The Confused
  3. The CastAway
  4. The Condemned

Your level of relationship determines the Promise…

The Promises of God will be fulfilled in your life.

Father! For your name sake, fulfill all these Precious Promises in My life. Isaiah 48:11

God will do it again.

His Promises are Reliable and Dependable because

  1. God is Always with us.
  2. God is Always in Control.
  3. God is Always Good.
  4. God is Always Victorious. Ephesians 3:20

If there be anybody that has been Cast Away, the Lord will draw you back.

As the Choiced of God, before you called he will answer you.

To get to the Choiced level, you have to pay the price. 2Peter 3:9

Lord your Promises are Yes and Amen, father draw me nearer to you.

Father! Every sins that is hindering your Promises concerning my life, I condemned them.

Prayer of Repentance

Father we have Confess our sins, please I ask that you draw us nearer.

Some of the Promises of God

  1. The Promise of His Presence. I will Be With You.
    Genesis 28:15
    Matthew 28:20
  2. The Promise of His Protection. I will Protect You.
    Isaiah 54:17
  3. The Promise of His Provision. I will Provide for You.
    Philippians 4:19
  4. The Promise of His Pillar. I will be Your Strength.
    Psalms 27:1
    2Corinthians 12:9

The Lord is the Strength of My life.

  1. The Promises of His Peace. I will give you Peace.
    John 14:27
  2. The Promise of His Love. I will Always Love You.
    John 3:16
  3. The Promise of His Attention. I will Answer You. Jeremiah 33:3

Father do not Forsake me and my family.

Father Protect me and my family.

You are the Lord that will Provide for me and my family.

You are the Strength of my life, be my strength.

Your Peace like a river for me and my family.

Your Promises of Love that you died for me.

Father you said you will Answer me, these are my request(input your request) please answer me Speedily, answer my family.

Father! Please bring us up to come higher to you.

Every sin dominating our life, show us mercy.

No more Confusion.

No more Condemned.

No more Cast Away.

By the time we’re coming for Day number 11, it shall be celebration galore.


All His Promises are fulfilled for me.

I am a Choiced of God.

I am a Chosen one.

I refused to be Condemned.

The Lord has answered my prayers.

Highlight fourteen issues in your life and “ I will answer you”.
Isaiah 48:11
Jeremiah 33:3



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