Text: Genesis 5:1-3

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Father we give you all the praises for what you are going to do tonight.

Thank you for your love and compassion, we’re grateful Daddy.

  1. Father! Let your eyes of mercy locate me and my family tonight.
  2. Father, let your ear of Mercy hearken to my request tonight.
  3. Father! Let your Voice of mercy speak to my destiny.
  4. Father! Let your hand of mercy lift me up tonight.

Message and Ministration

Tonight by God’s leading, we shall be considering Restoration of Likeness

Likeness means Resemblance, Look, Image, Identity, Nature etc.

It goes beyond external appearance but also internal appearance like blood and spirit.

Your Likeness show both outward and inward appearance of who you are and made of.

When man lost Likeness, you forget who you are and foefeit your Inheritance. Psalm 16:5-6.

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance.

The lines are falling for you in pleasant places.

I have a Goodly heritage.

I am a partaker of Godly inheritance. 1Peter 2:9

I am a Royal priesthood.

I am a Holy nation.

I am a Chosen generation.

I am a Peculiar person.

I am Branded by God.

I am carrying the image of God.

I am the Identity of God.

I am the Likeness of God.

The Lord is rebranding your life. Psalm 139:14

You are not what people call you but you are what you answer to.

Somebody shout Hallelujah!

Where you have been rejected, they will call to celebrate you.

God branded us uniquely.

There shall be restoration for me tonight.

In anyway I’ve lost my identity, there shall be restoration for me. John 10:10

I reject the deception of devil. Genesis 3:7

The deception of the devil can come through wrong counsel.

Every counsel and deception of the devil is rebuked.

When a man lost his Identity and Likeness, so many things happen

  1. A Strange Mark is placed upon the Head . For example, mark of slavery, shame, suffering. Ecclesiastic 10:7

Father! Every strange mark upon my head, wipe then off tonight,

Father! Every mark of slavery upon me, let it be wipe off.

Father! Every mark of suffering upon my destiny be erased.

Declaration by Pastor

Every mark of slavery upon your head be consume by fire.

I am not a slave.

I will not suffer.

  1. A Strange Mask is placed upon the Face

Father! Every strange mask placed upon my face be removed now.

Declaration by Pastor

You mask of Dissapointment, You Mask of Disgrace, Mask of Degrade catch fire now.

In the name of Jesus! Every strange mask placed upon your face let that strange mask be consumed tonight.

  1. A Stranger Mantle is placed upon the Hand

Mantle is like a covering clothes…. A Strange Mantle is a strange covering of the hands…

A Strange mantle is a mantle of Irrelevant, irresponsible, Irrational…

Whatever you place your hands upon, you are prospering and good works are beginning to happen.

That strange mark has been canceled.

That strange mask has been removed.

That strange mantle has been teared away.

Declaration by Pastor

I am praying for you, the likeness of God is restored.

Fathe! Restore your likeness, identity, image that is full of glory upon me.


The likeness of God that can do great thing is restored.

No more Slavery

No more Shame

No more Sufferings

No more Stagnancy

Every Glorious seasons that you have lost is restored back.

Every strange mark in my body is removed.

Father we say thank you as you have restored our likeness.

Whatever loss of likeness has brought, you will forgive us.

Father all our special prayers are answered.

Don’t let us loose our identity again.

Every of our lost identity, let them be restored.

My identity is restored.

My original image is restored.

Lines are falling for me in pleasant places.

I know who I am and what I am carrying.

I know who God says I am…


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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