Text: Mathew 15:16

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

  1. Father! Here I am tonight, visit me like never before.
  2. Father! You’re the Great Restorer whatever it is I have lost in year 2020, you will restore back tonight.
  3. Father! The Great purpose you have brought us into year 2020, let that purpose be fulfilled.

Our God is a God of Process and Principles…

There is a Process to Restoration…

The first step to Restoration is Remembrance.

  1. Father! You are the God that can never forget, remember me specially in this meeting.

The second step to Restoration after Rememberance is Redemption.

Christ has paid the price for our Redemption.

The Lord can redeem your wasted years.

  1. Father! You’re the God of redemption, Please Redeem my lost Time, Years, Glory….

The next step after Redemption is Release.

  1. Whatever it is that year 2020 is holding in captivity against me, father intervene and let it be Released.

Declaration by Pastor

Every blessing the year is holding in captivity against you, there shall be restoration.

Year 2020 will deliver your breakthrough.

It is your season of restoration of fulfillment.

This is the year the Lord has made for me and my family.

Message and Ministration

Yesterday we considered Restoration of Life and today we shall be considering Restoration of Light.

Matthew 5:16

Your Light is restored.

Your Light will shine again. Psalms 36:9

Light is the absence of darkness and darkness is the absence of light.

When light is reigning, darkness disappear. Gen 1:2-3.

Light can be lost either gradually or suddenly.

As God Is restoring light, darkness will not take over.

This is the year the Lord has made for me.


  1. Demonic Forces.

Father! Every demonic forces in my life and family, I rebuke you and the light of God is taking over.

Every demonic forces in your career, let the light of God take over.

  1. Deforming Force

Every deforming forces against my life, I rebuke you.

Every deforming forces against marriage, let your light consumed them.

  1. Demoting Force

When there is darkness, there can not be progress. That is, you can not see anything good happening.

Father! Every demoting forces putting my life back, I rebuke you.

No more demotion for you, for your family, for your marriage, for your career, for your business in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  1. Destroying Force

The Lord that can never fail is restoring every destruction of your life.

Father! As my life is being restored, you destroying force that is devouring my life I rebuke you tonight.

The light of God will consume you destroying forces.

All of these forces is to bring death but they have failed. Job 10:21-22


The devouring forces of darkness in your life are chased away.

I will testify greatly and gloriously. 2Corinthian 4:6, Isaiah 60:1-2

I will arise, I will shine, for my light is restored.

No more darkness in my life. Genesis 1:5, Daniel 2:22

The Lord is restoring light into my year 2020.

The Lord can lighten your darkness. Psalm 18:28, Mathew 4:16

You are seeing great light out of your destiny.

It is my time for me to shine.

He can restore light even in the place darkness. Luke 1:79

When the Great Restorer come, He will confuse, complicate and compress darkness out. John 1:5, Colossians 1:13


  1. There will be Bright Prospect. 2Kings 7:1

Father! As my life is restored, I am seeing the bright prospect.

Prophetic Declaration

By this time tomorrow, you will begin to experience great turnaround.

My future is alright.

  1. There will be Bright Performance 2 Corinthians 8:11

As long as you are shining, there will be bright performance.

Prophetic Declaration

Everything you lay your hands upon from tonight, there shall be performance.

  1. There will be Bright Progress Philippians 3:14

Father! As my light is restored, my life will progress.

Prophetic Declaration

Every forces holding your life, as the Lord is involve begin to move forward.

Your life and family receive accelerated progress.

By the mandate of God, your business begin to receive progress.

  1. There will be Bright Pacesetting Daniel 11:32

Pacesetting means doing exploit.

Father! As your light is rising upon me, I will do exploit for you.

In your family you will do exploit and will be a pacesetter.

  1. There will be *Bright Perfection Psalms 138:8

Father! As my life is being restored, perfect all that concerns me.

Isaiah 60:19-20


Thank you Father for what you did yesterday and what you’re doing today.

There will be bright prospect in your family, bright performance, bright progress, bright pacesetting, bright perfection in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

No more obstacles!

My light is being restored!

I’m a shining star.


Pastor Ayo Ayoola


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