Text: 3 John 1-2

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

  1. Father! Tonight let your Mighty hand that heal rest upon me and my household.
  2. Father! Whatever that you have not planted in my life, uproot them by fire.

The Mighty hands of God will rest upon you.

Every disorder and distress, the Lord will wipe out.

Tonight is my night of healing.

My health will receive a special touch tonight.

Message and Ministration

Tonight we are considering Restoration of Long-lasting Health .

After tonight ypur family will not know sickness again.

3 John 2

The desire of God for us is to prosper and be in good health.

Health is a person’s physical, mental and social condition of Well Being that is showing a state of being free from illness.

Health is Wellness…

My health and that of my family is Important to God.

There are good health and bad health.

Good Health is the Absence of diseases.

Bad Health is the Presence of Diseases.

Diseases are Bad Health Conditions that causes Disorder, Dysfunction, Disabilities, Distress, Dangerous Pains and Death.

There are two forms of Health Disorder

  1. External Health Disorder
  2. Internal Health Disorder
  3. *External Health Disorder are wounds or injuries suffered from Accidents, Attacks (Physical, Fight, Robbery), Attacks (Spiritual-Evil Arrows).

Jeremiah 30:17

Tonight the Lord will heal your wound.

Every physical attack you’ve encountered, tonight the Lord will heal them.

Father! Every wound in my body, heal me tonight.

Every wound you have suffered from in the past that has caused external disorder, tonight the Lord will heal you.

Every External injury from spiritual attack, the Lord will heal them.

Father! Every arrow against my health, back to sender.

Every arrow and spiritual attack, come out from that body. Isaiah 53:5

  1. Internal Health Disorder are Diseases that affects the Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems internally.

The Internal Health Diseases are in three parts;

  1. Infectious Diseases are caused by Bacteria, Virus, Parasites through Contacts

Every infection causing Diseases in my body, come out now in the Name of Jesus.

Any diseases causing internal health sickness, the Lord is healing you tonight.

Father! Every internal diseases uproot them by fire.

Father! Every infection in my body caused by diseases, come out now.

Father! Every kind of infection that have affected my body, let the blood of Jesus flush it out.

Declaration by Pastor

Every kind of virus and parasite in your body, tonight receive your healing.

  1. Deficiency Diseases

Deficiency Diseases comes as a result of what we eat.

They are caused by too much of nutrients or too little nutrients.

The Lord is replacing your organs.

The great physician is at work in my life.

Father! Whatever I have eaten physically or spiritually that is causing health disorder, I vomit it by fire.

Declaration by Pastor

Every poison I have eaten is coming out.

  1. Hereditary Diseases:

Hereditary Diseases are caused by our Parents. Diseases inherited causing Genetic Disorder.

Father! Every type of diseases that I inherited from my parent the day I was born, tonight I am free.

Every hereditary diseases that have affected your health you are free from it.

From tonight you will begin to enjoy good health.

Every health you have lost, you will begin to receive good health.

My God can never fail. Mark 5:25-26

Our God is a Great Healer. Exodus 15:26.

Our God is the Restorer of Health . Jeremiah 30:17.

Our God is a Great Physician Jeremiah 8:22, Mark 5:26

He Promised to Restorer Health to us. Jeremiah 33:6

The Lord already paid the Price for our LongLasting Health. Isaiah 53:4-5, 1Peter 2:24

The Lord has the Authority to Heal. Matthew 4:23

The Mandate to Heal also have been given to us, His Disciples. Matthew 10:1-8, Luke 9:2

The Great Restorer can Restore LongLasting Health to us through 3 means.

  1. His Will and Wish 3John 2, Matthew 8:1-3
  2. His Words and Ways. Psalm 107:20, Matthew 8:5-14
  3. His Works and Wonders. Psalms 77:11, Psalms 105:5

No more disorder.

No more mental disorder of health.

No more spiritual disorder.

As a Christian, the moment you are identified with Jesus you are not expected to be afflicted of health.

By His stripes I am healed. Psalm 77:11, Exodus 15:11

Special Prayers of Healings

Declarations by Pastor

All kind of viruses that has affected your body receive your healing from it.

Every organs that is not functioning well in your system receive healing now.

You will not know sickness again.

You are free from bondage of drugs usage on sickness.

Every hereditary diseases in your family is broken In Jesus Name.

From tonight, whatever it is that you can not do well before, begin to receive strength to do it.

Every children in your hands will not die.

That fellow with mental disorder in that family is touched now.


Every diseases the Lord has healed you from, you will not know it again.

No more sickness for me!

No more virus in my body!

No more infection in my life!


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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