Text: Genesis 12:1-3

Thank you for Lord yesterday, we thank you for today, we thank you for what you’re about to do.

Father we exalt you.

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Father manifest your greatness in our nation, in my life and in my career.

The Lord will manifest His greatness in my life.

In this year 2020, you shall be fruitful.

In these same year 2020, you will receive in thousand folds.

In this same year, I shall be blessed, my business shall be blessed, my family shall be blessed.

The Lord is taking me to my land of blessing.

If there is a land of blessing, then there’s a land of curse.

The Lord is about to reposition you and your family.

The Lord is taking you to your land of blessing.

Message and Ministration

What is Land?

It means Place, Position, Portion, Possession…

If you’re in a place that you’re not suppose to be, the Lord will reposition you today in Jesus Mighty Name.

Spiritually Land is your location.

  1. Your Location,
    your location determines the level of allocation.

The Lord is relocating you from the place of sorrow to a place of joy.

  1. Your Domain.
    Your land is your domain and your domain determines the level of dominion.
  2. Your Territory.
    Your land is your territory and your territory determines your level of supervisory.
  3. Your Space.
    Your land is your Space and your Space determines your Capacity.

The Lord is enlarging my Location, Domain, Territory and Space.


  1. Dry Land: A dry land is land that is not fertile.

It is a land that is not productive.

My land shall be fruitful. Psalm 63:1

The Lord will visit your dry land.

That land shall be productive and fruitful. Exodus 23:26

My land shall not be barren again but be fruitful. Genesis 41:52

Father! Take me out of this dry land and reposition me to a fruitful land.

Declaration by Pastor

The Lord will restore fruitfulness to every home, business, career…

  1. Desolate Land: This is an empty land. It is a land that is totally empty. There can’t be multiplication. Isaiah 1:7

Your land shall not be desolate. Jeremiah 4:7, Isaiah 54:3

If there be anybody in desolate land, the Lord will restore back Glory…

The Lord will fill your desolate land to a fullness land. Ezekiel 36:35-37

Father! Take me out of these desolate land to land fill with Glory.

Father restore the fullness of glory to my Desolate Land.

I will multiply!

No more emptiness for me.

  1. Deadly Land: Jeremiah 44:22

My land shall not be deadly, shall not be dry, my land shall not be desolate.

A dead Land is a cursed land.

By your mercy, the Lord is taking me out of this cursed land.

Every curse in my land, the mercy of God shall be released. Ecclesiastic 10:17

Father! Every cursed land that I am in, Please relocate me.

Father! Take me out of this deadly land. Take me to my land of blessing.

Declarations by Pastor

The Lord is taking me to a Land of blessing.

The Lord is taking me to a Land of glory.

The Lord is taking me to a Land of Greatness. Genesis 1:28

My Land shall be fruitful!

My Land shall be replenished!

My land is blessed forever. Genesis 2:8, Psalm 24:1

I will posses my land of blessings. Numbers 13:30

I will posses my land of glory.

I will posses my possession.

I can posses my dominion. Leviticus 20:24, Deuteronomy 1:8, Deuteronomy 1:21, Judges 2:6, Genesis 13:14-17

Father! You are have given me restoration of my land, I posses my possessions.

Nigeria is blessed In Jesus Name.

Father! In this same land Lagos-Nigeria(name your location), I am blessed.

Father! By your mercy, visit all our nations.

Father! Every land that we have lost shall be restored.


Every Desolate Land the Lord will filled.

Every Deadly Land, the Lord will visit.

Every Dry Land, the Lord will visit.

Every space, territory, domain that you have lost, the Lord will restore In Jesus Name.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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