30th June, 2020.

Text: Deuteronomy 8:18

Call to Worship!!!

Opening Prayer Points

Father we give you praise.

Thank you for what you have done, thank you for what you are doing, thank you for what you’re about to to.

  1. Father! Please hear my cry tonight. Meet me tonight in this place of prayers.
  2. Father! Tonight destroy every stronghold of poverty and sufferings in my life.
  3. Father! Please put an end to my suffering.

Enough is enough of this suffering as you have not created me to suffer.

Your suffering is over tonight.

  1. Father! In this remaining days of year 2020, please don’t let me labor in vain.
  2. Father! In this remaining days of year 2020, please prosper the works of my hands.

Every covenant of suffering, the Lord will break it tonight in Jesus Mighty Name.

Declarations by Pastor

Every stronghold of poverty be broken tonight In the Name of Jesus.

The Lord is putting a permanent end to your suffering tonight.

The Lord will hear your prayers tonight.

The Great Restorer is still at work in my family.

Genesis 26:12

The Lord will empower you tonight.

He’s a God of Wealth

He’s a God that Restore Wealth

He’s a God of Restoration of Wealth.

He will Restore LongLasting Wealth for you in Jesus Mighty Name.

Message and Ministration

WEALTH means riches.

Having Possession of Great Treasures in Abundance.

These Possessions Can Be In Levels. From today, the Lord will supply all your needs.

  1. Level of Not Enough (Scarcity)

The Lord will put an end to scarcity.

  1. Level of Just Enough (Satisfaction)

The Lord will increase you from the level of just enough to higher level.

  1. Level of More than Enough (Surplus)
  2. Level of Much More than Enough (Super Surplus)

The Lord will take you to a level of much more than enough in Jesus Mighty Name.

Our God is a Wealthy God.

He is rich in all things.

He is the owner of Heaven and Earth Psalms 24:1, Psalms 89:11,

He is the owner of Gold and Silver. Haggis 2:8

He is the owner of all cattle Psalms 50:10,

He owns all things. Revelations 4:11,

He bless man and gave Him Dominion over all things created.

Genesis 1:26-28, Psalms 8:4-9

I have no reason to be poor.

I reject poverty.

My father is the richest.

My father is greater than the greatest.

Wealth is my entitlement.

Prosperity is my inheritance.

I reject poverty.

The deception of the devil has made people loose so many things.

Deception of the Devil has caused many to….

DOUBT James1:7-8,

DISOBEY Deuteronomy 28:1


The Deception of the devil has made us Doubt.

The Deception of the devil has made us Disobey.

The Deception of the devil has made us Dishonor.

Father! Every wealth I have lost to the deception of the devil through Doubt, Disobedience and Dishonor, by your mercy restore tonight in Jesus Mighty Name.

We have a God who can restore LongLasting Wealth. Psalms 66:12

The Lord is restoring riches and wealth into my dwelling place.

By the authority in the name of Jesus, He’s restoring wealth into that house. Psalms 112:3

Where you have been cheated, the Lord is restoring wealth and riches.

When God want to restore wealth, He always consider one thing in the hands of man which is WORKS.

Three (3) Things are Important to Work

  1. Effort to Work
  2. Place of Work
  3. Time to Work

There are three (3) Level of Work that is very Important for your Restoration.

  1. Your Works in His Hands
  2. His Works in your Hands
  3. The Works of His Blessings
  4. Your Works In His Hands

The work you do. Committing it in His own Hands.

There may be no Job but there are a lot of Works.

The Lord need your Works in His Hands.

The Work of a Motherhood is a work in itself and if you have other Works, then fantastic.

As for a man, you need to find something to do. Deuteronomy 2:7

When you then have the work, commit it into His Hands.

This is done by honoring Him with your Tithes and Offerings. Malachi 3:8-11

Declaration by Pastor

If there is no work in your hand, the Lord will give you direction to go and create work.

  1. His Works In Your Hands

Support the work of the Gospel. Give your time.

Father your Works will not suffer in my hands.
I will be committed to the kingdom business.

Give your Time,Talents and Treasures.

  1. The Work Of His Blessings

Lord I need your blessing. Proverbs 10:22

Count your Blessings (Grateful)

Make your Blessings Count (Generous).

2 Chronicles 1:12, Isaiah 47:17

By the Mercy of God, you will not be Deceived .

Your Wealth is being Restored in the Name of Jesus.


Father! I present the works of my hands to you, Bless the Works of my Hands.

Father! From today, the profit of my works will not be scattered.

Father! I will honor you, Rebuke every devourer for my sake.

Father! Every wealth that my father’s father lost, let there be restoration to me.

That business that I have lost to pandemic, restore them to me.

Father! Every curses that is bringing poverty to me and my family, the blessing of the Lord overshadow you.

Father! In this same year 2020 as i put my work in your hands, you will bless me abundantly. Psalms 66:12&13

Every of your children that have lost wealth, you begin to restore them back to us.

Stronghold of poverty is destroyed in your family.

Declaration by Pastor

As you accepted His works in your hands, the Lord will enlarge your Resources.

As you lift up the hands of the Men of God, like Aaron and Hur, you will never know sorrow.

The Lord will supply all your needs.

You will not Labour in vain.

Your Children will inherit Great Wealth from you.

The Lord will Bless you Mightily.

By the time we’re gathering for Day…7, it shall be Celebration Galore.


I am the Son of the Richest.

I am the Richest.

In my business there shall be Profit Explosion.

No more Devourer in my life In Jesus Mighty Name.


Dare Hassan, JS Media


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