GOWES 24th June, 2020 – RESTORATION OF VICTORY PART 2 – Pastor Ayo Ayoola

Text: 1 John 5:4-5

Opening Prayer

Thank you father for all those that are listening to us right now.
Father if there’s anyone that’s sick out there, the power of the Lord is healing you.

My heaven is not shut down for year 2020.

When we pray to God, His word said those that know their God shall be strong and do exploit.

I am bouncing back again.

Last week we talked about the battles we faced while growing up.

The Physical battles, Spiritual battles etc.

The Lord has said He will give us victory.
Victory over Self

Victory over Sin

Victory over Satan.

These are the strategies of the devil.

We also talked about how we can handle and resist satan.

We are expected to have consistent life of victory.

Every spirit of rise and fallen is over In Jesus Name.


Receive your victory over every night of sleeplessness.

  1. Acknowledge the victory of our Lord Jesus. Corinthians 15:57
  2. Believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1John 5:5
    In everything that concerns you, you should believe in the Lord.

The Lord will strengthen your heart to believe.

  1. Confess our Lord Jesus Christ. Mathew 10:32, Romans 10:9, Philippians 2:9
    Jesus is my healer.

Jesus is my deliverer.

Jesus is my provider.

As you confess your Jesus Christ, you will see God in action.

  1. Depend on our Lord Jesus Christ. Psalm 5:11

God is taking charge of the battle for me. Psalm 18:2

I have a God who never fails…forever more.

I depend on you Lord Jesus. Isaiah 26:4

Depend on Him everyday.

Honour Him with your tithe and offering.

  1. Exercise faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Mathew 15:22-28

As you exercise your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ even in these fourteen days of fasting and prayer, the Lord will help you. Mathew 9:20

As you exercise faith, every issues of life over the years receive victory. Mathew 14:6

  1. Fulfill the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mathew 15:16
  2. Grow in grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2Peter 3:18

Growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus, spend quality time with Him in prayer, praise Him.


Father Lord, help me to Acknowledge you, Believe you, Confess you as my God, Depend on you, Exercise faith in you, Fulfill your mandate, Grow in you In Jesus Name.

As you make up your mind to do the things of the Lord, your victory shall be permanent In Jesus Name.


Pastor Ayo Ayoola, Resident Pastor, RCCG Jesus Sanctuary


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