DIVINE LIFTING PART 7 -Night of Intercession June 23rd, 2020 – Pastor Ayo Ayoola

TEXT: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Opening Prayer

Tonight remember me for good.

In all the days of year 2020, let me continue to experience your lifting.

No more casting down for me.

No more rising and fallen.

My testimony shall not be polluted.

Father! You are the God of perfection, the testimony of my family will not be polluted.

When you experience divine lifting, you also experience divine enlargement.

What is Enlargement? Enlargement means to make great .

The Lord will make you great.1Chronicles 4:9-10.

Every curse through my name, the Lord will break it.

Whatever curse my parent has brought to my life is broken tonight.

The Lord will enlarge me tonight.

God will grant my request tonight. Genesis 1:22-28

In dominion, I will dominate .

This year is my year of fulfillment .
I am not permitted to remain small.
I’ve the capacity to be great.

The seed of greatness is inside of me. Isaiah 34:2-5, Psalm 71-1.

Father! Increase my greatness.

Father! By divine lifting, let me continue to experience comfort on every side. Psalm 145:3, Genesis 12:2, Psalm 115:14.

Through me the name of my family shall be heard and through me , the name of my village shall be heard.

The Lord shall increase me more and more and more.

The greatness the Lord shall release on me will extend to my children and children’s children.


Father! In the name of Jesus, bless me indeed.

Father! By your divine lifting, enlarge my coast tonight.

Father! You are the great God, by your divine lifting let your hand be upon me.

Father! In the name of Jesus, don’t let me experience mourning.

Father! In the name of Jesus, no more mourning in the family of Hassan Oludare.


I am lifted.
I am enlarged.
I am blessed.


Pastor Ayo Ayoola, Resident Pastor, RCCG Jesus Sanctuary


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